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Most race results are ready and up within 30 minutes of you finishing, if not before! 

Some smaller races are manually timed so these are up within 24 hours and occasionally bad weather (or a very muddy event!) will delay results but we will keep you up to date!

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My result is wrong or is missing? 

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What's the difference between gun and chip timing?

Gun time is the time from the firing of the start gun until you cross the finish line, this is used for positions and prizes as every runner is racing against one another. Chip timing is from when you cross the start line until you cross the finish, so in a big race it could take minutes until you get to the start line, this is why chip timing is the same or less than you gun time. We take "gun" time for positions simply so you know who your racing and on any professional racing level this is how results are listed... this means the first person to cross the line wins the event vs someone possibly halfway down the field (it's hard to race against the unknown)

I've won my age group, do I get a trophy?

Our results tend to be listed as per the UKA guidelines in five year groups, this however doesn't always mean you've won a trophy as dependant on the size of the race depends on our award categories. For most events we award junior/senior/vet and super vet along with top 1,2,3 spots. Check your race info pack for the prize categories in your specific race! 

I left before the prize giving, can I get my trophy? 

Yes you can, although we will probably ask you to cover the postage. Just drop us a note. 

When will the results appear on my Run Britain rankings?

Normally 5 days following the event, we allow 72 hours for result queries to come in (wrong gender/club entered etc) and then we submit to Run Britain 4 days after the event- the awesome Run Britain team then publish pretty quickly after this. (This is for UKA licensed events only)